As part of his 2012 fiscal budget that was unveiled monday, the Obama Administration plans to cut deeply from the military,  Justice Department, Homeland Security, and NASA.

While Obama funnels money into 'transportation projects',  NASA has seen it's budget cut by nearly 20 percent,  according to some experts,  this budget will scrap future expeditions and exploration of Mars. Bill Nye, Director of the exploratory group The Planetary Society (and yes, Bill Nye, the Science Guy) said the cuts will have a profound effect on NASA, "devastating planetary science."   With typical government humor that we are seeing these days, White House budget and NASA Administrator Charles Bolden offered the following information:

"NASA's Fiscal Year 2013 budget moves the Agency forward strongly on a path that will maintain America's preeminence in space exploration."

  NASA will just have to figure out how to explore space, among the many other scientific duties it performs, with a lot less money and resources.  Maybe a really big firework?