Apparently, many people are taking this Mayan calendar thing seriously!

The Los Angeles Times reported Thursday NASA switchboard operators were flooded with calls from panicked citizens who wanted to know more about the end of the world.

NASA officials say years ago this type of prediction might have created some ripples. But in the Internet age, theories and predictions can be supported with alleged information to make them appear true.

NASA estimated the number of callers swelled from several hundred to several thousand per day this week. Agency Spokesman Dwayne Brown said NASA has been preparing for this -- actually, for some time:

[The preparation] also involved a video titled, 'Why the World Didn't End Yesterday.' Though the title of the video implies a Dec. 22 release date, Brown said NASA posted the four-minute clip last week to help spread its message.

NASA suspected it might have to create such a campaign a few years ago when the idea of the world ending began 'festering,' Brown said. The apocalyptic action movie '2012' released in 2009 didn't help, he said.

Just remember this: if you're reading this over the weekend you should be in pretty good shape!

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