The Benton-Franklin Enviornmental Oversight Committee has pushed through a controversial new toilet flushing ban, that will affect everyone in both counties.

The Committee, acting upon the advice of enviornmentalists, has pushed through a new schedule that will be distributed soon to all households, (via door hanger) about new schedules for toilet flushing that are designed to offset water use issues in the Mid-Columbia.

According to officials,  despite large snowpacks in the Cascades,  there is still a need to conserve water for those in the Mid Columbia and Eastern Washington.  Starting April 16th, if you're home has an "odd" address, you're schedules for flushing will be monday-wednesday-friday only.  If an even number, tuesday-thursday-saturday.   All addresses will be allowed to flush on sundays.

Pressure monitor systems have been installed in neighborhood sewage systems to monitor homes; if you are caught flushing and it's not one of your days,  it is a $100 dollar fine.  Repeat offenders will have the fine increased by $50 for each offense beyond that.   Committee officials strongly suggest homeowners consider a portable toilet system for their home to alleviate any possible issues.  Committee officials are in the process of updating website records to reflect this new procedure.

For additional information, and to comment on this new enviornmental ruling, click here.

(NOTE: This story wound up being one of our most viewed of the entire year, and hundreds of readers and Newstalk listeners actually bit on this April Fools joke!)