You remember the 1982 one-hit-wonder from Tommy Tutone, "867-5309." A girl named Jenny is the person to call for a good time. Her name and number was written on a bathroom wall.

The song, which hit the top of the Billboard Music charts, inspired hundreds of thousands of prank calls, so much so that most telephone exchanges dropped the number from their lists.

Well, now it's back and really is for a good time, depending upon your definition of good! A company called Five309 LLC has reportedly launched The Jenny Line, which offers adult, psychic, and dateline options for people of all genders and sexual orientations!

From the Five309LLC press release:

Five309 LLC in Deerfield Beach Florida has launched phase one with (888 & 855) 867-5309. Phase two, from Five309 Interactive, will be coming soon on, with the JennySearch contest, Five309Rocks contest, and the Five309 Interactive Portal - Hot Girls, New Music, and Social Interaction. It's about time someone did something useful with this number!

We did find the Jenny Line website, but we didn't click through to any of the links. Judging from the press release and the content we saw on just the homepage, this probably is "NSFW."

While the content of the original song may have been a bit unsavory, we prefer to remember 867-5309 as a piece of our adolescence and an unforgettable part of American pop music history. That's why to counter the Jenny Line, we've included the original video here.