According to news sources, here's a timeline of what happened that led to the firefighters losing their lives.

As the region, and nation, mourn the loss of the three brave forest fire crew members, details are being released about how it happened.

A sheriff's deputy radioed to fire crews and officials about a significant wind shift in the area the crews were working on the blaze that day.

Less than 7 minutes later, dispatchers got a call about a burn victim who needed assistance, and in less than 12 minutes another call about the trapped firefighters who needed help.

The three fire fighters in their engine were racing up a steep gravel hill in an effort to escape the shifting wall of flames, when their unit tumbled down a 40-foot embankment next to the road. The three crew were trapped and not able to escape before the wall of fire overcame them, and they perished.

The Okanogan Complex fire is the largest in state history, and still the nation's top fire fighting priority, with international crews joining the nearly 1,400 trained fire workers trying to beat back the fire.

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