Walla Walla police were able to catch a suspect in part because while he was fleeing, he starting tossing drugs and guns out his window!

The Walla Walla Union Bulletin reports police were led on a short but lively chase early Tuesday, when 31-year-old Seth Cunha was pulled over on a traffic stop, when the city's K-9 unit pulled up on scene.

At that point Cunha sped off in his truck. Cunha had reason for fleeing, as the chase progressed through downtown towards Whitman College, police began to see objects flying from the car, almost looking like litter.

The officers briefly lost sight of his truck, but following the trail, quickly spotted him again, and were able to pull him over.

Cunha has been tossing meth, hydrocodone, and prescription medications out the window, along with a semi-automatic handgun...and even cash! When Cunha tossed the gun, the magazine popped loose, and was later found by a passerby alongside the street.

Police said he was already was a convicted felon, and is now facing a laundry list of charges.

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