Friday morning, Kennewick police were able to apprehend a hit-and-run driver by following a trail of oil from the suspect's damaged car.

Around 6:25am police were called to the area of West 37th Ave after a car slammed into another vehicle, then sped away from the scene.

Police noticed a spattering of oil trail, which they followed and it led to a garage near West 40th Ave. and South Quincy Place.

Police confronted a man and woman seen leaving the house, and discovered the driver was 20-year-old Kameron Mullaly. She reportedly had dropped her phone and when she leaned over to pick it up, she swerved across the road, slamming into a parked car. She then fled the scene, but left the trail of oil for police to follow. Her passenger, 21-year-old Raymond Salinas, was wanted on 3 outstanding warrants, and he's now facing charges for lying to police. Mullaly was charged with Hit-And-Run of an Unattended Vehicle.

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