Combine powerful drugs with a potentially 'altered' state of mind, and you get this.

Sunday night, Kennewick police responded to Columbia Park for a report of a man 'getting busy', or at least trying to, with a wild animal.

Police did not specify what type of creature, but arrested 35-year-old Richard Delp on Animal Cruelty charges, as well as Possession of Methamphetamine.  Authorities didn't specify if he was impaired at the time, but Delp--who is a known transient--probably had to be impaired to do what he did.

He's now in the Benton County Jail. Although it cannot be confirmed, some reports indicate the animal was a beaver, and it's legs were broken. That would add to the charges of Animal Cruelty.

UPDATE--new information confirms witness says the animal was a beaver, it was hit by a car, then later suspect seen attempting his 'deed' with animal. The beaver did not survive the incident.

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