I love animals. If you listen to the radio all the time, you'll hear me talk about animals..a lot! I love sharing this news with you as the Tri-Cities Animal Shelter has got the green light to build a new animal shelter.

It's been years in the making and now the pups and the cool cats of the Tri-Cities Animal Shelter will be getting a new home (until they get adopted out of course) right behind their original location.

The new shelter is being spearheaded by new shelter director Rebecca Howard.

Howard in an interview with KEPR-TV says that the new shelter will be built right behind the current shelter's location at S. 18th Ave in Pasco.

The shelter has launched a new website that you can check out and Howard is hoping the new website will help get all the animals within the shelter adopted out to loving and caring families.

As a board member of Pet OverPopulation Prevention, I'm super excited about the news.

I've adopted a few animals from the shelter before and they are a great place to check out to find your new best friend. I'd also recommend Pet OverPopulation Prevention as another place if you are looking to adopt.

There are a lot of great rescues right here in the Tri-Cities so if you are thinking of adopting, check those places out.

The Tri-Cities Animal Shelter is open Tuesday - Saturday from 9 AM until 5 PM daily and you can read more details about the new shelter here.

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