Educational Service District (ESD) 123 kicks off the Starting Strong conference Monday at Three Rivers Convention Center.

Over 500 education professionals will be attending.  While the bulk of the events are centered around making sure children from preschool to 3rd grade get a good start to their education,  the event also features some sessions on a controversial topic - Common Core.

According to ESD 123:

(The event )...will include child care providers, Kindergarten through 3rd grade teachers, school superintendents, principals, parents, and community partners focused on helping children start strong from pre-school to third grade."


Earlier this year, Newstalk 870 reported some of the events center around the controversial educational program known as Common Core.   From a story we ran about the event on May 8th of this year (text taken from press release about the event):

“Tuesday and Wednesday, August 5 and 6 – ESD 123 and partners are hosting this two-day conference featuring keynote speakers and numerous breakout sessions focused on P-3 alignment and implementation including WaKIDS, the Early Learning Guidelines and Common Core, Community Collaboration and much more!” (Bolded letters added for emphasis)."
ESD 123 is one of 9 educational "regions" Washington state is divided into, which serve as support and oversee school districts in our state.  ESD 123 serves most of Southeastern Washington.

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