With the unexpected dump of 1-2 inches and ice late Sunday, the National Weather Service is forecasting another winter storm.  But will it actually snow here?

A winter storm watch, or hazardous weather outlook has been posted for just about all parts of Oregon and Washington.  6-9 inches of snow expected in the Cascades, with 1-3 inches extending past the East Slopes of the Cascades into Eastern Washington.   While some reports indicate we could see a bit more, it is NOT likely.   The lowest the snow levels will get will be 900 feet; Tri-Cities is at 400 plus feet above sea level.  

   More likely will be rain over the next few days.  Yakima and the Valley will probably get snow, but not Tri-Cities.  And if it does begin to snow,  it will probably not stick.  So, snow lovers, you will have to head West to get your fix.  But do watch for possibly icy driving conditions and gusty winds.  For more details click here for the report from the NWS.