A physical therapist in Tri-Cities has until early May to respond to amended 'charges' from the Washington State Department of Health, over an issue that occurred last February.

The Washington State Department of Health issues bulletins each week about disciplinary and other actions taken against health care providers in the state, and the nature of those allegations. This week it included a physical therapist from Tri-Cities.

February 15th of 2017, Andrew Dean Carrell allegedly drove up to a young female who was walking across the parking lot of a Pasco retail location, with his window down for the purpose of "and causing the female to see him masturbate according to Pasco Municipal court records.

The charges from the Physical Therapy Board were amended April 5th to reflect he was charged with Indecent Exposure. The board said his actions affected public safety, health and welfare. It appears he has until early May to respond to the charges, otherwise he will be facing a variety of "discipline and sanctions" according to the board.

Information found in a variety of searches showed he was a former employee of Oasis Physical Therapy of the Tri-Cities, but he is not on their website in their list of providers.

No word on the current state of the court charges.

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