A small group of 8 activists, who failed in their previous attempt in Kitsap County to get former President Trump removed from the WA state primary ballot and in the general election, have failed again.

  Thurston County judge rules in favor of keeping him on

According to KUOW, Superior Court Judge Mary Sue Wilson stated Thursday:

"The court is denying the request of the petitioner electors to take any action that would direct the Secretary of State to remove former President Donald J. Trump's name from presidential primary ballots,."

The group of activists had previously attempted to get a hearing in Kitsap County but the judge declined to hear the petition, saying his courtroom was not the appropriate venue for such a decision.

The group claims under the 14th Amendment, Trump should be removed, because, in their interpretation, he participated or encouraged an insurrection at the Capitol on January 6th, 2021. However, Trump has never been formally charged with any such related crimes.

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The primary ballot ruling will also apply to the general election in November. This group of activists is now 0-2, and there's been no word if they will attempt to file in another county. Being defeated in Thurston, where a lot of significant cases are tried and heard, could indicate they would have a difficult time being able to push this again.

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