60-year-old Monica Lou Pruett was also ordered to pay over $160,000 in restitution besides court costs and fees.

Pruett had plead guilty September 24th to a single count of first-degree theft.   Her sentence was handed down Tuesday in Franklin County Superior Court.

The former Connell Mayor pro-tem stepped down from that position in 2012 after she was charged with the crime.  A money laundering charge against Pruett was dropped.

The thefts were discovered after funds came up missing, and creditors contacted D & R Farms of Mesa, where Pruett worked as bookkeeper for seven years.  She, according to court documents, stole the money to pay for a variety of personal, utility, and property tax bills.

Judge Vic VanderSchoor gave her a term above the usual sentencing range for this type of crime because of what was called a major economic loss to the farm, and because the thefts occurred over an extended period of time.

(Fingerprinting photo of Pruett courtesy of KNDU-TV)