When the US Customs and Border Patrol said many of the shipments were bound for Oregon, it got our attention.

 US Customs seizes 78 shipments in Cincinnati

Over the last two weeks, US Customs officials say they've intercepted and seized 78 shipments of non-FDA-approved injectable cosmetics that were smuggled into the US.

Thursday, Customs said the street value of all the items was in excess of $175,000. The shipments contained vials of injectable cosmetics including Botox, Juvederm, Meditoxin, Hutox, Sculptra, and others.

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Customs agents said the items, which were designated to be sent to Oregon, South Carolina, New York, and Florida, originated in Korea, Hong Kong, Spain, China, and Bulgaria.

Officials say these types of injectable items could have created serious health risks for consumers (who sometimes try to buy them on the Black Market at cheaper prices) because they have no proof of any safety testing.  There's no way to determine if what you are injecting is safe or non-lethal.

Cincinnati Port Director Richard Gillespie said :

“Purchasing unapproved injectables, such as Botox, is a health and safety risk."

Customs did not elaborate on specific cities or venues these products were bound for.


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