According to news released by the Umatilla School District, an elementary school teacher died over the weekend in a car accident.

According to the Umatilla County Sheriff's office, 39-year-old Elisabet Flores was driving with her husband Sergio Murguia and her 13-year-old son on Westland Road South of Hermiston Saturday evening.

Around 10pm her car went off the roadway and crashed into a chain link fence near the rural fire station outside of Hermiston. Officials said the top of the fence penetrated the car, causing what would become fatal injuries to Flores. She was pronounced dead at Good Shepard Medical Center in Hermiston.

Information about the crash was posted on the school district's Facebook page Sunday evening. She was a first-grade teacher at McNary Elementary.  School district officials said Crisis Flight teams were in the schools Monday to help students and staff deal with her loss.