The University of California system is considering adding a hot button question to it's list of questions incoming students are asked to answer.

The ten campus University of California system (including Berkeley, the biggest) could be asking incoming students their sexual orientation, or if they are straight or gay.   While gay rights advocates are praising the idea,  critics from numerous sources say it would just create the possibility for another 'protected class.'   The President of the American Civil Rights Institute, and former U of Cal regents board member Ward Connerly calls it "a very bad idea."

 Supporters of the addition say it would allow the schools to better serve the gay or lesbian students, and the school stresses the question would be optional, not mandantory.  But Connerly says institutions of higher learning have no business prying into the personal lives of students.  Yale and Harvard have reportedly considered adding such a quesiton to their list for incoming students, but have not made any changes.