Saying it would be better to put it off, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has decided the NYC Marathon will NOT be run Sunday.

A storm of criticism had begun to arise after the decision was made to stage the event, in large because of the $300 million it would raise for the city.   But despite the 'end' of Hurricane Sandy, numerous reports are flowing in, especially from Staten Island, where at least 19 people have been reported dead.

Staten Island was among the hardest hit areas by the hurricane, and thousands of people are without power, water, even food.   Motorists have waited six hours in lines for what little gas is available,   utility workers were pelted with eggs by frustrated citizens who still don't have power.

Police even report fights amongst motorists waiting for gas, which in some areas has doubled in price from $3 to $6 a gallon.  One report indicates a man in Queens pulled a gun on another motorist, accusing him of cutting in line with his car trying to get fuel.

With all this going on, Bloomberg abandoned the idea of the marathon.  Perhaps one of the "proddings" for Bloomberg to decide to scrub the event was a New York Post story about two huge generators in Central Park that were being used to power the media-related business for the Marathon.  Each of the generators could, according to the Post, power nearly 400 homes!


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