Revised information from the Grant County Sheriff's Office indicates some misinformation was out about a missing Moses Lake couple, and they might be somewhere in Lincoln County.

   Officials now say both persons were seen in Spokane Airport

The GCSO says earlier information indicated 54-year-old Charles Bergman was seen outside his apartment Sunday afternoon but it was not accurate.  His wife, 53-year-old Theresa Bergman, was last seen around 12:40 AM early Sunday in the Spokane Airport. An original clam was made that Charles was seen later that day near his apartment but the GCSO as well as KVEW TV now say both were in the airport.

Now officials say it's been confirmed Charles and his wife were at the Airport at that early hour.

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Bergman had apparently gone to pick up his wife.  Family members notified authorities on Monday of this week when they did not return.

   Latest information indicates their cellphone(s) pinged in remote area

The GCSO took a look at their cellphone records and then notified the Lincoln County Sheriff because the last known location, or ping from either of their phones was in a remote area of that county. LCSO Deputies went to the area where the phones gave off the signal but there was no sign of the couple.  Officials have not said what part of the county that was. Reports indicate no further phone activity has been detected since that last ping.

Anyone with any information is urged to call MACC Dispatch at (509) 762-1160.

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