After asking California officials for help in locating a possible suspect vehicle from a fatal Hermiston shooting,  Los Angeles police have found a vehicle they believe is involved.

March 4, 23-year-old Alonso Madrigal was found fatally  shot in the parking lot of the 11th Street Market in the early morning hours.  Hermiston police had voiced some frustration as to the pace of the investigation, as apparently a number of witnesses were not willing to give information police believed they might have.

But after turning to Los Angeles officials with information about the shooting, and possible tips pointing South,  a vehicle was seized in L.A. March 18th.  A Hermiston investigator flew to Los Angeles Sunday to help in processing the vehicle.

The investigation is still proceeding.  Officials did not elaborate as to exactly how the vehicle might be related to the shooting.

March 4, Hermiston police responded to the 11th Street Market area after getting reports from people in the area that shots were fired.  After searching the area, police did not find any direct suspects, but did find Madrigal lying in the parking lot.