Not only was one vehicle reported stolen, but shots were allegedly fired and vehicle chasing.

Police respond to reports of vehicle chase and shooting

Just prior to 7 PM Thursday evening, calls came into 9-1-1 about two vehicles chasing each other and shots being fired in the area of 560 West 6th Ave. which is by Kennewick High School.

The callers said two vehicles were seen "chasing" each other and shots possibly being fired. Police canvassed the area and located one of the suspect vehicles a short time later in the 600 block of South Garfield. This image is where one vehicle was located.


area where crashed stolen car found (Google street view)
area where crashed stolen car found (Google street view)

Police found the vehicle had been in an accident at the scene, no word about any other vehicles involved.

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A witness said a young white male and white female fled the car, which was found to have been stolen out of Kennewick. The young male was wearing a reflective jacket.

 No evidence of shooting found

Police searched the area thoroughly but didn't find any evidence of gunplay. Doesn't mean it didn't happen but no shell casings or other evidence were located.

A K-9 track of the area didn't turn up any suspects. The investigation continues.

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