Red truck swipes car, takes out mailbox, hits garage door (Kennewick police)

Sunday afternoon, a home surveillance video camera helped Kennewick Police in their investigation into an alleged drunk driver.

Police say the man driving the truck, identified as 34-year-old Oscar Benevidez, allegedly struck the white care sitting parked across the street (seen in video) then careened across the corner of the neighbors yard. Benevidez then yanked the red Dodge into a driveway and hit the garage door. Although the pole was still intact, the truck tore the neighbor's mailbox off it's mounting.

Police didn't if it was HIS home, but the man was arrested on DUI charges, and per state law, the truck was towed. No one was hurt in the accident. The people pictured in the video were the ones who called DUI.

The clip here shows an instant after the truck sideswiped the white car.