Early Thursday morning, Pasco police were chasing and apprehending suspects after a victim reported he was assaulted and robbed.

It began around 4:13am when a 17-year-old Kennewick teen called 911 to report a male acquaintance of his had pistol whipped him, fired a shot in the air and then robbed him of money. The suspect then sped off with three other people in a blue sedan.

The car left the Road 100-Chapel Hill area, then was located near Road 68 by Shakey's Pizza by Franklin County Sheriff's Deputy Mona Bolanos. But when she attempted a traffic stop the vehicle sped away. Another officer spotted the car and captured the wild driving on dashcam video.

The car, which sustained flat tires from that impact, was finally corralled on near the I-182 Road 68 cloverleaf and the suspects arrested. 18-year-old Ash Lynn Rhynard of Kennewick and 18-year-old Chandler Wayne Edens of Kennewick were both detained and arrested. The two passengers in the back were questioned and released. Rhynard and Edens are facing additional new charges in addition to a number of prior warrants.

The driver, Rhynard, had been speeding on flat tires, and tried to run for the freeway after being chased by officers down Burden Boulevard. Attempted pit maneuvers along with the bounce seen in the video were what led to the tires going flat.

Notice in one of the photos after the suspects were secured and the officers are searching for the gun used in the incident, one of the authorities is armed with a rather large rifle!

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