Back on Sunday, July 10th, Grant County Deputies and Moses Lake Police engaged in an exchange of gunfire with a wanted suspect, near Moses Lake.

  Now, bodycam video released of initial contact by Deputy

That Sunday afternoon, Spokane bounty agents were trying to apprehend a wanted felony suspect, 42-year-old Robert Gwinn. He was located at a property in the 8000 of Stratford about four miles from Moses Lake. Two deputies were accompanying the bounty agents as they went to find the suspect.

When Deputies pulled up to make contact, Gwinn opened fire on them, then fled. He would steal a Jeep from the nearby homeowner, and sped through a field before a pit maneuver from a Moses Lake PD officer spun him on his side, sending him to the hospital. He's now facing a long list of related charges.

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Because of the weapons exchange, Quincy Police, Adams County Sheriff's officials, the WSP, as well as Ephrata Police, and others are handling the independent investigation.

 Body cam footage shows a portion of the gunfight

In this Axon body cam footage, Deputy Tyson Voss is seen as one of the pursuing officers, trying to make contact with Gwinn.  As Voss pulls up to the area, he sees Gwinn outside, who then fires a 9MM pistol at him and another Deputy nearby.

No one was hit in the exchange, after which Gwinn steals the vehicle and speeds away. Video released by the Quincy Police Department.

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