Shortly before 10PM Wednesday night Kennewick Police were called to a location about a domestic violence situation.

The officers were dispatched after the 911 operator could hear evidence of a dispute in progress, but then the line went dead. As officers were arriving, 911 got a second call saying the suspect, identified as  41-year-old Thomas Anderson, had left the location.

Due to the sensitivity of the issue, the address was not released. Police learned Anderson had violated a no contact order, and during the incident grabbed a 61-year-old woman by the throat. He also took phones away from other people at the location to prevent anyone else from calling 911.

Anderson had an outstanding felony warrant and a pair of misdemeanors. Then around 11PM, another 911 call revealed he was back at the location, but fled again. However this time officers were close enough to pursue him and despite his resisting arrest, he was "guided to the ground" according to police.

After he apprehension he was medically cleared, and is now facing the following laundry list of charges:

Assault 2nd Degree, Assault 4th Degree, two counts of DV No Contact Order Violation, Interfering With the Reporting of Domestic Violence, Resisting Arrest.

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