The Department of Ecology has released a revision on the first ever rule designed to reduce carbon pollution, and they actually want your opinions. The Department plans to act by late summer on putting this new Clean Air Rule into action.

Gov. Inslee prompted the Department to create the rule, which is basically a carbon pollution tax, and now after withdrawing their first draft, Ecology has come forward with a revision.

To find out what's contained in this new carbon plan, click here. The department is largely in step with Gov. Inslee, and despite defeats in the legislature over his carbon tax plans that would have raised gas prices, he continues to try to push his green agenda by way of governmental agencies.

Inslee has made it clear he wants to be known as the 'greenest' governor in America, and here is your opportunity to let the Department of Ecology know your view on this matter.

Although they are asking for citizen input, the plan was already assembled with a number of environmental groups before citizen input was even asked for. These green groups are the ones who largely helped fund Inslee's election campaign.

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