You might remember the story some time ago here on our website about the Virginia man who's dead dog received a voter registration form. The same group is now the subject of a possible investigation.

Officials from the Mitt Romney campaign have asked the Virginia Attorney General to investigate the efforts of the Washington D.C. based Voter Participation Center.   The AG's office has been flooded with hundreds of complaints from Virginia residents across the state because they have received voter registration forms addressed to deceased infants,  pets, children, and others who are not eligible to vote.  

  Romney officials say the mass emailings - targeted at largely Democratic areas aimed at minorities, young adults and unmarried mothers - could possibly violate several laws that ensure fair elections.   As we reported in the dead dog story weeks ago,  it's possible that occasionally a pet's name could be mistakenly attatched to an owner's personal information due to vet records.  But according to Romney team officials,  dozens of such forms have been sent out.  Not to mention those addressed to children.     Many of the citizens complaining are incensed over the insensitivity at forms addressed to deceased infants.

   Those calling for the investigation say the hundreds of complaints clearly point to attempts to commit voter fraud.   How else, they say, could a group make that many "mistakes" in targeting perspective voters?     The efforts by the Voter Participation Center have resulted in over 15,000 new voter registrations in the last few months.  The Romney campaign is asking those new registrations be reviewed for fraud and eligibility.

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