Apparently not everyone is paying attention when it comes to voting.

WSLS TV in Virginia reports a Bedford County pet owner was stunned when he received voter registration forms in the mail, addressed to his dead dog, Mozart.   The pooch, who died two years ago, was known by the family and many friends as "Mo", and that's to whom the forms were addressed.  The envelope contained Mo, followed by the family's last name, Morris.

  Tim Morris, Mo's owner, is wondering how the non-profit Voter Participation Center got his personal information, let alone the dog.   The VPC is a private entity who targets unmarried women, young people and minorities by sending them voter registration forms; the process is perfectly legal.  The State Board of Elections is not sure where VPC gets their information, or why they mistakenly targeted a dog.

  But it could be because the dog would have been 18 years old this fall, and legal to vote in elections.  The State Board says they have received numerous related complaints from area residents, but because the VPC is a private group, nothing can be done.  There is no law preventing private citizens from mailing out voter registration forms, as long as they don't illegally obtain personal data.