The information was shared by the City of West Richland, but really applies to parks everywhere.

  Nobody likes stepping into a land-mine left by a dog or animal

The West Richland PD and City have released some data about how much dogs leave behind, if their owner doesn't pick up tootsie rolls or land mines.

WRPD says, for example, if ten dogs a day visit a park, and their owners don't pick up their poop, each week that's 70 landmines. Over a week, that becomes 280 a month.

If ten dogs a day visit the park, drop a deposit and the owner doesn't pick it up, for over a year that's 3,360 bombs. Depending on the size of the park, that's a lot!

WRPD, the City, and other officials also remind people that many cities do have littering fines, if you are found to have not picked up the 'gift' you can get a non-criminal citation.  City officials also say if you observe someone now picking up dog deposits, you can report it to your particular municipality.

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Some might think that's being a bit of a snitch, but nobody wants their park visit to be ruined by stepping, or having their little ones, step, trip, or fall into 'gook.'

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