WA State AG Ferguson (getty)
WA State AG Ferguson (getty)

WA State Attorney General Bob Ferguson's office over the weekend trumpeted about taking steps to keep a violent sex offender behind bars.

  Ferguson advises jury to keep man in prison in Walla Walla

According to the AG's office:

"A Walla Walla County jury denied release to a sexually violent predator after prosecutors the Attorney General Bob Ferguson’s Sexually Violent Predator Unit (SVP) proved that he remains mentally ill and sexually dangerous."

42-year-old Justin Mackey, was convicted in 1993 of three counts of first-degree child rape in Walla Walla county, then in 2002 of third-degree child molestation. According to the AG's office:

"In 2008, Mackey was found to be a sexually violent predator and was committed to the state’s Special Commitment Center on McNeil Island, where he has remained in total confinement since that time."

Ferguson released a statement that read in part:

“My team works hard to protect the public from individuals who continue to be sexually violent predators, Public safety is a priority for my office.”

 Ironic statement positioning himself for Governor's run?

Many legislators and insiders in Olympia believe Gov. Inslee will not seek re-election in 2024, but AG Ferguson is prepping himself for a run.  The word on him from these sources is that he, politically, is even left of Inslee.  This statement on Mackey is curious considering what has actually happened regarding law enforcement restrictions in our state over the last couple of years. 

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Also, only one suspect has faced serious criminal charges from the CHOP incident in Seattle, over a fatal shooting. However, dozens of participants who violated dozens of laws, including many firearm violations, were never arrested.

To hear Ferguson utter these words is rather ironic. He's also been getting heat over the alleged supression of 'experiments' done on WA State prison inmates concerning COVID vaccines.

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