Attorney General Bob Ferguson has joined CA and New Jersey over a lawsuit against the five largest oil companies, claiming they caused global warming.

The suit, in which Ferguson has filed a "friend of the court" or amicus briefing, sounds very much like the tobacco suit championed for former state AG Christine Gregoire. In that suit, the tobacco companies were sued over claims they knew smoking and tobacco products were harmful to a person's health, yet continued to promote and sell their products. It led to the sweeping tobacco laws of the very late 90's and early 2000's and eventually led to RJ Reynolds being booted from NASCAR (Winston Cup). The sport has never recovered.

An amicus briefing says while you're not officially part of the lawsuits (plaintiffs) you are willing to lend whatever legal assistance is asked for by the plaintiffs. It's like joining their legal team, basically, so you are a 'part of' and agree with the suit.

In this suit, the oil companies are blamed for knowingly and willingly continuing to produce and sell petroleum products despite 'knowing they contributed to global warming.'

The suit, or at least Ferguson's information, does not state what damages are sought or relief for the plaintiffs.  Since he took over the AG office, especially since the election of Governor Inslee, Ferguson has perhaps spend more resources litigating OUTSIDE Washington state (especially over environmental causes) than he has dealing with issues here.

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