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According to the latest AAA data, from Monday, August 14th, WA State gas prices have risen again.

WA state average now just over $5 a gallon

AAA reports WA state's average price is no $5.026 per gallon of regular unleaded gas. Diesel was at $5.26 a gallon.

The prices are derived from the averages in WA state's 39 counties. San Juan remains the highest county, hitting $5.68, while Asotin remains the lowest at $4.35. The King County average is $5.20, and Spokane is $4.68, while Yakima is at $4.80.

Other metro areas including Benton County were at $4.91, Franklin County is at $4.93. Clark County (Vancouver) is right at $5.00.

The reason WA prices have risen is due to the series of carbon credit auctions held as part of Gov. Inslee's carbon tax plan on businesses that went into effect on January 1st of this year. The prices this week rose in likely response to the latest carbon credit auction held just over a week ago.

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  The national average also climbed a bit, to $3.85. Some state remain relatively low, these include Mississippi at $3.31, Texas at $3.44, and Louisiana at $3.43.

Surprisingly, Alaska and Hawaii, where you traditionally get higher prices due to their location, are at $4.48 and $ 4.77 per gallon respectively.

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