Bonney Lake becomes the latest city in WA state to pass it's own revision to their municipal code that will make drug possession a crime.

According to news reports, including Jason Rantz of AM 770 KTTH, Bonney Lake officials have revised their own municipal codes. City officials told Rantz their legal department had been 'on top' of the situation since the ruling was first challenged, and handed down.

A number of cities have already done this. Bonney Lake now classifies drug possession as a misdemeanor. Many wanted a felony, but at least now it gives law enforcement officers a valid reason to arrest someone for possession drugs or narcotics.

Many law enforcement officials say that drug operations have been broken up, or more serious criminals taken off the streets by starting with a possession charge. 72-hour investigative holds often yield more criminal information, but they start with possession.

Bonney Lake official said this new municipal code change will allow the city to stay of top of a growing problem with safety, including discarded drug materials they're finding on the streets in certain areas.

We're not aware of any brewing legislation in the Tri-Cities; but with the state statute being overturned by the Supreme Court, cities are now left without the important possession tool for law enforcement.

The ruling stemmed from a woman who sued over being arrested a few years ago for possession of drugs which she claimed were not hers. The case eventually made it's way to the Supreme Court, who ruled in her favor.

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