The Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife, along with other outdoor authorities, is considering a program that would introduce bull trout into Sullivan Lake, a popular recreation and fishing area in Pend Oreille County, WA

  Fish and Wildlife taking public comment

Bull trout are native to the Pacific Northwest, as a cold-water fish. They are known to be predatory, they do eat other smaller fish and can be aggressive. However, over the years their numbers have dwindled considerably, but are still found in the PNW.

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Now WDFW is considering a plan to introduce them into Sullivan Lake. More from WDFW:

"Beginning in 2017, the USFWS and stakeholders within the Lower Pend Oreille River watershed conducted an analysis of the feasibility of restoring bull trout within the watershed. Sullivan Lake and its primary tributary, Harvey Creek, were identified through that analysis as the portion of the Lower Pend Oreille with the highest likelihood of establishing a bull trout population."

Authorities believe the conditions of the area are prime for the fish to thrive. According to WDFW:

 "The three involved agencies will hold an informational public meeting from 6 p.m. on Wednesday, Apr. 17, 2024 in the Green Room of the Cutter Theater, 302 Park Street, Metaline Falls. Members of the public are invited to come and learn about the proposal and provide input. An informational virtual presentation is also available online at and the public can submit written comments by emailing

Input can also be provided by calling 1-855-925-2801 and entering project code 6058 and leaving a voicemail. The deadline to submit comments is 11:59 p.m. on Apr. 30, 2024. A draft environmental assessment is also expected be available for public comment later this year."

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