It's been 801 days (as of May 11, 2022) since Gov. Inslee declared his COVID State of Emergency proclamation, and with it came perhaps the most stunning assault on business, freedom, and even the legislature in the history of our state.

Where do we stand now with the State of Emergency?

A few days ago, ShiftWA and other sources reported that Nevada will officially end its state of emergency on May 20th, leaving only WA state with such an order in place.

8th District State House Rep Brad Klippert recently released this week a comprehensive look at what House and Senate Republicans have attempted to do to end it.  The efforts date clear back to November, 2020.

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During the legislative sessions, especially in 2022, Republicans sponsored a series of bills that would curb the Governor's emergency powers and force an end to the state of emergency. But they were turned away by House and Senate Democrats. The Dems did pass a watered-down bill that essentially did nothing except provide some limited means of restraint, but only once the pandemic 'ends.'

  Inslee running away with his power?

With every passing week, there are new concerns about Inslee abusing his powers, and perceiving himself as an autocratic leader. Some evidence of this has surfaced publicly. June 30th 2021, Inslee toured various locations in WA state, proclaiming victory over COVID, saying the state had 'won the Super Bowl.'  As noted by House GOP Leader J.T. Wilcox, when pressed by a reporter about when the state of emergency would end, Inslee responded with this quote:

 ‘I’m not sure you want to go back and reform when you won the Super Bowl. And we’ve won the Super Bowl of the COVID pandemic.’

Then on September 29th, via a TVW interview, Inslee proclaimed there was only one person in the State of Washington who has the capability of saving lives and it's the Governor of Washington. This video was posted on YouTube by way of TVW:

Klippert and other state Republicans continue to urge citizens to keep calling, writing, and pressuring legislators, even though the session has finished, to keep fighting to end the state of emergency.

 As of May 20th, we will be the ONLY state with such an order still in place. 

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