After being on the run for nearly three months, the prime suspect in the double murder of an Arlington, WA couple is expected back in Snohomish County soon. Reed is seen in his mugshot, wearing a protective bullet vest prior shortly after booking.

John Reed, who was captured by Mexican officials and is now in the Pima County, Arizona jail, waived his extradition. Officials expect him to be back near Seattle, where two charges of aggravated murder in the death of Monique Patanaude and Patrick Shunn.

Reed reportedly was feared by his neighbors, who lived outside Arlington, WA. They often steered clear of him and avoided confrontational situations despite some property boundary issues. Reed supposedly had arguments with the couple before they disappeared in Mid-April. Autopsy reports given to Prosecutor Craig Matheson indicate the two were shot execution style.

Reed's brother Tony turned himself in weeks ago, and led authorities to where the bodies were. The manhunt for the two men went through Ellensburg, Arizona, and finally ended in Mexico, and garnered national headlines.