Perhaps it's a surprise, but then again, given one failed plan, and another that has no end in sight, maybe not.

According to officials, including those from the Washington Hospitality Association (WHA), Washington is one of only 2 states in the U.S. who do NOT have an official on-the-calendar re-open date from COVID-19. reports the WHA has just sent a letter to Gov. Inslee (signed by thousands of business owners and workers in the hotel, restaurant, bar and related industries) demanding he come up with basically a "Phase 4" to his latest reopen plan.

They also want him to set a firm official date. Since the latter stages of his miserably failed Safe Start Plan, and now his Healthy Washington respin, that's something he's refused to do. Even legislative pressure from GOP officials did not make him budge.

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Some legislators accuse him, based upon the performance his 'plans' so far, that he's literally making it up as he goes along.

New York, New Jersey and Connecticut announced last week they are formally "reopening" May 19. Even California has set a date of June 15th. However, that may be spurred on by the recall effort that has now qualified for the ballot later this year, perhaps prodding Gov. Newsome to do something.

Hawaii and WA are the only states without a firm official date when things will 'return to normal,' or at least VERY close to it. Inslee continues to dangle and waffle, leaning on his confusing data from experts.

The WHA has a petition you can still sign if you wish, to show your support and demand Inslee set a date, instead of stringing us along with his "science and data."

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