Hydrogen powered car---Getty Images
Hydrogen powered car---Getty Images

According to information released by the Washington State Department of Commerce (DOC), WA and OR have submitted 'applications' in hopes of getting Federal grants to build a northwest 'hydrogen hub.'

  $8 billion to be allocated by the Federal government

The DOC released information Monday about the proposed project:

"The PNWH2 Hub, in alignment with the federal Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, will focus on zero-carbon, clean H2 production and distribution, H2 technology, manufacturing, and power generation, all applied to transportation, agriculture, and commercial end uses."

 The PNWH2 Hub is the Pacific Northwest Hydrogen Association, which is a public-private collaboration dedicated to developing hydrogen energy for transportation, industry, and more.

Hydrogen is considered an energy source that produces twice the fuel mileage of fossil fuels in vehicles when oxygen and hydrogen are combined--it creates electricity that can be stored for energy.

Hydrogen is mixed with oxygen, which creates electricity. It powers an electric motor in the vehicle. Unlike current battery-powered cars such as the Tesla, a hydrogen car uses a fuel tank like fossil fuel vehicles. The hydrogen tank feeds the supply system, combines with oxygen, and powers the engine.

   Hydrogen vehicles can travel twice as far as current electrics, if not more.

Tests with hydrogen cars show a range of 250 to 400 miles, at least.  However, the big drawbacks are the cost. Hydrogen fuel is currently at least $16 per gallon, and the infrastructure to support a nationwide economy of hydrogen vehicles is just not here yet.

   Easiest way to make hydrogen? Using natural gas...

The Department of Commerce made some curious statements about the PNW Hydrogen Hub. They cited the abundance of 'clean energy' we generate, including, hydropower, as a reason why they believe WA and OR should get the Federal money:

".. the PNWH2’s final proposal will demonstrate the region’s incredible assets for supporting a successful hydrogen hub, including natural renewable hydropower..."

Yet just a few months ago, Gov. Inslee and Senator Patty Murray released their own Snake River Dam 'report' claiming the dams need to be removed to save salmon.


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