Rep. Dan Newhouse is considered one of the more calm, thoughtful legislators in D.C. NOT that he won't make his opinion known, but he's not known as the 'stormy type.'

But now even he's issued statements, perhaps even a warning, to Gov. Inslee, that without concrete specific plans and even timetables for at least trying to re-open most non-essential business in our state, it's only going to result in more and more protests.

Inslee slammed his 'foot down' Wednesday in his most aggressive press conference to date relating to COVID, throwing several Sheriff's under the bus, and not-so-vaguely hinting at using the AG's Office and State Patrol to go after law breakers (the Stay at Home).

Then Friday, despite a re-opening of residential and commercial construction (with COVID safety requirements), Rep Newhouse said Inslee's plan lacks all the important parts of a 'real plan.'

Talking with KTTH AM 770 radio in Seattle, Newhouse said in part about Inslee's plan that was unveiled Tuesday:

“There was no specifics, no concrete ideas, or benchmarks, or anything that would give us any confidence that the governor has actually put together a plan for us to even begin the process of opening up our economy."

“A lot of us are cooped up in our homes. We’re asking people not to socialize, don’t golf, don’t fish, don’t go to work. People are going to need the confidence that there’s actually something specific that they can look forward to and that things will get back to normal at some point.”

These are some of the strongest words towards Inslee so far from any Congressional legislator from our state. Newhouse said what others have been also warning about; that the longer it takes and more indecision and lack of vision and clarity are seen, the more protests and resistance Inslee will face.

Newhouse also pointed to Colorado, where the governor has actually put out a timetable, specific dates when certain industries will re-open etc.

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