The WA State Department of Commerce announced Friday that $312 million in grants will be allocated to help alleviate the housing shortage in WA state.

470 single-family units to be built

Of the $312 million, $274 million will be spent on 48 projects that will build 3,443 rental or multi-family units.

Of these units, 1,038 will be reserved for persons who are considered "homeless on entry,"  or do not currently have a place to live.

Another $38.6 million will go towards creating 470 homes for first-time low-income homebuyers.

According to the DOC, concerning the rental or muilti-family units:

  • 10 projects received $24.3 million set aside to serve individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. These projects will create 155 units of accessible housing reserved for low-income people with these disabilities across the state.
  • 7 projects were funded with $58.6 million set aside for the Apple Health & Homes program, creating 144 units for Apple Health & Homes program participants and 354 total units of permanent supportive housing. AHAH is a multi-agency effort that pairs healthcare services with housing resources for some of the state’s most vulnerable residents.

The bulk of the projects are in Western or Central WA,  one is in Yakiima, and one is in Kennewick.  The two Yakima house projects are the Yakima East Catholic Charities Housing Services, and the Kennewick project called the Bubble on Gum via the Kennewick Housing Authority.  This is a multi-family project.

The 470 homes will be targeted for first-time low-income homebuyers. It would be located near 10th  Ave. and Gum Streets.

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