According to information from a top insurance exchange official,   Mike Kreidler participated in a coverup involving insurance plans offered through the Washington Health Benefit Exchange's Healthplanfinder.

Patricia Peterson, who is the Chief Presiding Officer of the Office of Insurance Commissioner (OIC), is responsible for acting as an "administrative law judge"  who oversees cases involving the implementation of Obamacare.

Peterson's job is to make rulings about outside cases concerning Obamacare that were brought against the OIC.    These would include disputes over what policies are accepted or rejected by the Affordable Care Act, and any other insurance related disputes.   Her job is to make impartial, and "independent" decisions on these matters, according to the Puget Sound Business Journal. (PSBJ)

Last week, Peterson filed a brief with the OIC, claiming officials in the office pressured here to make rulings "in favor" of Obamacare!    She says Chief Deputy Insurance Commissioner James Odiorne instructed her to rule in favor of the agency.  According to the PSBJ:

"The cases that she was working on involve insurance plans offered to the public through the Washington Health Benefit Exchange's Healthplanfinder."

Sources say her claims have not been officially confirmed, but Peterson has been placed on paid administrative leave, and has been removed from working on any further cases.  Meanwhile, Chief Deputy Odiorne is still working in his official position.

Odiorne is second only to Insurance Commissioner Mike Kreidler.   He and Odiorne have refused repeatedly to comment on the whistleblower allegations and have only issued the following statement:

  “The commissioner and chief deputy commissioner take the claims seriously and are taking the appropriate actions to protect the integrity of all legal proceedings before our office.”

It's interesting to note the OIC is looking for an "independent" third-party to investigate Peterson's claims.  The alleged pressure to rule in favor of Obamacare, says Peterson, went on for as long as 8 months!


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