If Initiative 2124 passes in November, some of the un-publicized details about the WA CARES WA Long-Term Care insurance plan might become a moot point. But, the plan is not a simple as the radio, TV, and social media makes make it out to be.

  WA CARES has 'hidden' requirements?

The controversial long-term care insurance plan was first hatched by the legislature nearly four years ago. After repeated retooling because of issues with its structure and implementation, the payroll deductions finally began last July.

From the start, financial and medical experts questioned the plan, including its modest maximum payout of $36,500--which many say would barely provide six months of long-term care for a person with significant issues. They also say thousands of younger WA workers will pay into it for years, and likely never be able to use it.

  But now, ShiftWA has brought to light some of the lesser-known requirements of the plan. You won't just be able to locate and 'hire' your own caregiver(s) like you would when you are looking for a Doctor. According to ShiftWA:

"The caregiver will need state approval, requiring applications, contracts, and training. The Department of Social and Health Services oversees provider registration and is currently working on new regulations. The agency has scheduled public input sessions to gather information about caregiver responsibilities and rights."

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If I-2124 passes, it will allow anyone at any time to opt out of the program and stop having to pay for it each month. Various projections indicate thousands, if not tens of thousands, of WA residents would opt out, leaving the program even more insolvent than it is now. The number of opt-outs with I-2124 would likely be enough to kill the plan altogether. But, if it doesn't pass, be aware there are numerous other hurdles a person has to clear before they can start utilizing it--if they are eligible.


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