We know, with the Olympics and other events you may have forgotten our state had a primary election Aug. 7.

Technically, the mail-in absentee ballots were counted that day.

We'll start with some surprising but good news: Connell farmer and former NFL champion Clint Didier will square off against Democrat Peter Goldmark in the Public Lands Commissioner race. Didier threw his hat into the ring because the GOP did not have an official opponent for the career west-side-based incumbent. While Goldmark did get more votes, Didier hardly had any time to prepare a campaign, and it helps that he actually has an agricultural backround. Goldmark is a Gregoire-era paper pusher from the west side who's rarely even been to Eastern Washington.

In the race for governor,  current State Attorney General Rob McKenna will vie against Democratic Rep. Jay Inslee to see who replaces the departing Chris Gregoire, who is not running again.

McKenna got 46 percent of the votes; Inslee 43 percent. McKenna was one of the first AG's in the U.S. to join in the suit to overturn Obamacare. One of Inslee's recent TV ads touts a book endorsed by Bill Clinton.

But in what many are saying could the most hotly-contested race, Senator Maria Cantwell will again try to use her deep pockets to hold off GOP State Rep. Michael Baumgartner. Like many races before, it will come down to King County vs. the rest of the state to see if she returns.

These, as well as other important issues --, including the fate of Gregoire's gay marriage law -- will be decided in November.

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