Whether we get to 70% vaccination rate, state officials including those in Gov. Inslee's office say the state will re-open June 30.

According to the Tacoma News Tribune, Gov. Inslee Spokesperson Tara Lee said generally everything would be back to normal June 30.

Specifically what 'changes?'

  • Restaurants, bars, theaters etc. can resume normal operations pre-COVID, unless the restaurant itself requires limits. It's noted that some national chains and franchises still require social distancing, masks etc. while others don't. But as of June 30, the state mandate is gone.
  • No more social distancing guidelines. 
  • However, for those who are not vaccinated, masks are still required in public places. hmmm...

As of right now, the mandates our children had to put up with (masks, social distancing) are still in place for summer school, although it could change by this fall.

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There is one large sticking point however when it comes to vaccination proof, and this could wind up in court. State officials say large indoor events will be limited at 75 percent of capacity unless there is proof of vaccination. If there is vaccination verification prior to people entering (if the venue is conducting it) then there will be no occupancy limits.

This throws back to the discrimination that was first set up by Gov. Inslee with his perks program, which has included the Joints for Jabs, Shot of a Lifetime Lottery, and other incentives that actually discriminate against non-vaccinated persons.

Come June 30, we shall see what happens down the road. The state claims it will re-evaluate the 75% limits on large indoor events July 31st of this year.

So far, the state is inching it's way towards 70%, we are well past it if you look at CDC and Federal figures, but the WA DOH figures are lagging, again because they are choosing to count 16-and up, and do not include military and other Federal personnel who've had a vaccine.

DOH statistics, which omit information that CDC and Feds include (WSDOH Facebook)
DOH statistics, which omit information that CDC and Feds include (WSDOH Facebook)


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