Marijuana advocates might be right in their belief the state wants to kill the medical marijuana industry.

Perhaps an unintended consequence of passing I-502, and legalizing recreational pot,  the state appears to have seized on the idea of not just bringing medical marijuana under the recreational fold but doing away with it altogether.

As soon as recreational pot was legalized, state officials realized they had two sets of rules.   The hearing, set for Wednesday, November 13th at St. Martins University,  will allow citizens to comment on the state's potential proposal to repeal the state's 15-year-old medical marijuana industry.

The Center for Legal Cannabis Studies says this about the idea:

"...this is a charade to cover up the intent of legislators and Governor Inslee to guillotine medical pot shops, home grow rights, and what they perceive as special privileges afforded anyone willing to pay $75 to a naturopath. Knowing that the game is charades, the appropriate response—the downriver response, the go with the flow response—is to play charades a bit. Besides, charades can be a fun game."

Other critics say the state was worried the wouldn't get their "full share" of projected marijuana tax dollars if they allow card-carrying medical marijuana users to obtain their pot from another source than a state store that will have incredibly high tax-generated prices.

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