Move over Coke, Pepsi and Redbox -- there could be an entirely different kind of vending machine coming to our state before the end of the year.

Medbox, the same company that saw its stock skyrocket after Washington and Colorado legalized marijuana, has offered to help the Washington State Liquor Control board set up new state retail stores. They've also suggested the state utilize the highly-successful marijuana dispensing machines used in other states for medical marijuana.

The machines utilize a fingerprint scan linked to an on-file prescription system that identifies the patient. It then allows them to receive their legally-mandated amount of cannabis.

The CEO of Medbox, Dr. Bruce Bedrick, told Northwest Cable News:

“States can profit handsomely from this new revenue stream, and Medbox is able to provide the systems and technologies that assure that taxes are collected, quantity limits are never breached, and there is adherence to all regulations."

It is not known if Washington state officials are strongly considering utilizing Medbox machines in conjunction with the idea of traditional liquor-store based type stores. Medbox produces a variety of medicinal dispensing machines that are utilized around the world.

I-502 gives the state until Dec. 1, 2013, to have the implementation system in place.

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