WWSD Bond committee (WWSD image)
WWSD Bond committee (WWSD image)

Walla Walla residents will be seeing some lower tax rates for a bit, thanks to a 'refund' from the school district's 2018 bond. The bond oversight committee is pictured here.

   $320K will be given back in the form of reduced tax rates

WWSD Communications Director Mark Higgins released information Friday indicating due to the work of the District's Bond Oversight Committee, they were able to complete all the projects with money left over. According to Higgins:

".. approximately $320,000 of unallocated bond dollars is set to be refunded back, further reducing tax rates for local taxpayers."

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According to Higgins and Superintendent Dr. Wade Smith, the committee's work on making every aspect of the massive project more affordable paid off:

" They reviewed financial statements, project scope, construction documents and bid solicitations to ensure that bond dollars were only being spent on projects approved by voters. The committee also supervised the advertisement and selection of the projects’ general contractors, architects, vendors and consultants."

The 2018 bond was the largest in WWSD history, was passed with a 73% yes vote, and funded facility renovations and improvements at Walla Walla High School, Pioneer Middle School, Lincoln High School, and a number of specific district-wide safety and infrastructure improvements.

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