Walla Walla County Sheriff Mark Crider released a statement Thursday indicating that due to COVID related budget cuts, he's been told to reduce his department by 5%.

Crider says they've been serving the 1300 square miles of the county with at least a minimum of 3 deputies on duty at all times, 24-7.  However, due to the cuts, the department's discretionary revenues will be just over $188,000, a cut of over $232,000.

Crider seemed to indicate he did NOT want to lay off employees or deputies, but rather it appears services will be reduced or cut back.

Crider said "now is the time to figure out how to get our county economy running again," and expressed all he heard from Governor Inslee's recent speech was more "wait and see."

Crider cited the relatively low COVID counts for WW County, only 44 cases, only 3 hospitalized, yet the county is under the same Stay at Home that's apparently devastated revenues---which is why the county is having to cut it's budget significantly...less tax revenue coming in.

Crider apologized to citizens, saying in effect the citizens of the county have justifyably come to expect a certain high level of service.  He said the department is already on the razor's edge, and any further reductions will ultimately result in an "erosion" of service.

His full statement is included below, to see the statement on their Facebook page, click on the button below.

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