The remarkable part of the bond is, it doesn't involve a tax rate increase.

The Walla Walla School Board has voted unanimously to place a $65.6 million dollar replacement bond before voters this coming November.

The bond would not require any tax rate increase, as the district is going to pay off it's last bond in December. The rate of $1.23 per every $1.00 is one of the lowest school bond rates in the nation.

According to the School District:

"Voters will be asked to decide on a $65.6M bond measure to renovate Walla Walla High School, Pioneer Middle School and Lincoln High School. The bond would also fund other district-wide health, safety, educational and infrastructure improvements. The school renovation projects are eligible for an estimated $52.6M in State Match funds. All State Match funds will be applied only to the three school renovation projects. Project costs will be carefully monitored by a citizens’ Bond Oversight Committee and any excess dollars remaining following the completion of the renovations will be used to pay down debt to reduce the rate for taxpayers."

Walla Walla Schools, especially the High School, have been in dire need of upgrade and renovations for years.

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