To answer the uproar that started online and even made the Rush Limbaugh Show Monday, Walmart has issued a statement.Walmart spokesperson Ashley Hardie with the corporate headquarters in Bentonville, AR, issued a brief statement about reports Walmart had stopped ordering ammo until the gun control issue was resolved:

"That information is inaccurate. We’re continuing to serve our customers as we have in the past.”

The serving our customers statement was in response to a direct question from World Net Daily (WND) when asked if Walmart was cutting back on ammunition orders.

The blog website Investors Watch first published the story about an incident in which a customer was told the retail giant was suspending ammunition orders. IW claimed a phone call to Walmart corporate confirmed it. Newstalk 870's calls to the Kennewick Walmart and their corporate office disputed that story, and were in line with Hardie's statement.

However, WND discovered, and claims to have confirmed, two more reports from Walmart customers in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, and Folsom, California, where employees allegedly gave the same information about cancelling new orders:

  • Both stores said they could only sell what was left on the shelves.
  • Both had received a letter from the corporate office saying there was a "hard lock" on ammunition orders, and other than shotguns, no other replacement bullets could be ordered.
  • Both stores reportedly told their customers they were not stocking anything "that could be used in an assault-type rifle."

In order to get to the bottom of this, it would be very helpful if someone could produce a copy of the letter Walmart allegedly sent to those stores. IF there is such a letter, the retail giant could be facing a huge customer backlash, first for lying to consumers, and secondly by losing business from its conservative customer base.


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